About Us

Shanghai Wan yr Industrial Development Co., Ltd. registered trademark: China, the number, the main production and sales of FSC forest certification CARB P2 certification of furniture grade multi-layer plywood, EO class Malacca, Tung wood, cedar wood and other ecological boards, sofa board, LVL CIS board, multi-layer solid wood floor substrate, building templates, adhesives, industrial flour substitutes And so on, since the construction of the factory in 1997, deep groping production technology, a number of plywood technology products are the first, in the leading furniture grade plywood manufacturing technology has contributed more, service to well-known furniture manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, extending other collages and logs, wood products, building materials.

Under the company's long live Beijing development and Development Co., Ltd. undertake labor dispatch subcontracting, construction and decoration, landscaping construction.

Undertake all kinds of indoor air formaldehyde cleaning, car air handling, import and export trade, electronic and metal trade. There are many construction projects and rich experience in construction. Mr. Liu, founder of the company, is willing to cooperate with all the new and old friends.